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How To Prevent Shoplifting In Allentown And Other Business Security Tips

December 03, 2021

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Preventing theft is a major concern for the majority of businesses -- especially for small business owners. It should come as no surprise that many neighborhood locations can’t handle the cost permanent security guards or other expensive crime deterrents. Nevertheless, there are certain simple and cost-effective means to prevent shoplifting in Allentown to help safeguard your bottom line.

Here are some Allentown business security tips that are nearly effortless to incorporate and won’t scare off your regular clientele.

Invest In A Wireless Security Installation

A vital part of your wireless security system is having tools that you can effectively manage after it's been set up. A set of connected wireless video cameras is a good place to start and can help keep an eye on your shop. It's ideal to select cameras that feature panoramic viewing, full HD resolution, infrared technology, and motion detection to identify suspicious activity. Hang a device above the entrance and get a complete view of your interior, but don't forget to place them pointed toward the cash register and storeroom. These are attractive places for shoplifters and will aid in making your staff feel more secure when assisting patrons.

You could finalize your security installation with invasion sensors at doors and other sensitive areas within your location. The best security package will offer 24-hour monitoring, which will answer a triggered event in an instant. You should also have a set up that works with a cell phone app, so you have the ability to look into the status of your business whenever you desire.

Put Up Warnings About Your Store’s Protection

The top Allentown business security tips are generally easy but beneficial. To illustrate, displaying security notifications at the front entrance of your shop and by the checkout area can be an unexpectedly powerful method in putting a stop to shoplifting. As a the owner of a business, you want to be candid with shoppers, staff, and partners that your shop and goods are safeguarded. The simple announcement that you are watching might discourage a potential shoplifter from attempting a theft.

Control Entry To Restricted Rooms With Smart Locks

If you limit access to spaces like loading areas and stockrooms, you reduce the number of places where shoplifting might take place. A swinging door or simple curtain just won't cut it, as you’re not able to lock them. On the other hand, if you incorporate smart locking systems on your entryways, you have an extra layer of security for your non-public spaces. You might issue every employee a unique keypad number, so when leave your employ, you can delete their PIN.

Dark areas and Overstuffed Shelves Enhance The Risk Of Shoplifting

Shoplifting is easier when prowlers have the opportunity to lurk in low-lit areas. Additionally, shoplifting is a greater risk with overstuffed shelves and common areas. Holiday specials and other sales are likely to have presentations that are difficult to keep in check. You’re probably also aware that marked-down goods are frequently placed on a back corner aisle, which means they can be easily slid into a pocket or bag without being seen.

If you have a rack with products constantly falling off, reduce the amount by a third or more. That could seem a bit much, but you will have the chance later to restock as needed. But, you have a greater chance of spotting something amiss when you have the ability to view an unexpected opening in your presentation.

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