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Allentown Monitored Fire Alarms

Your Allentown smoke detector alerts you about an emergency -- even when you’re not home

The problem with outdated fire detectors is that they only sound the alarm for a possible emergency after they sense an abundance of smoke. But, your enhanced Allentown monitored fire alarms look for both smoke and rising heat. When your system senses fire, they sound off an unmistaken bell, text you an emergency alert using your security system app, and alert your Vivint monitoring professional.

Vivint smoke detector in Allentown 

How does your Allentown monitored smoke detectors keep you safe?

Make every moment matter when you have a a fire emergency by pairing your Allentown fire alarms with your security system’s monitoring. Not only do you get a superior fire detection device, you also receive a quick response from your Vivint monitoring team.

Here’s the difference you’ll see from your monitored smoke detectors in Allentown:

  • Detects both heat and smoke: Your Allentown fire alarms have dual sensors that will catch a fire quicker than conventional smoke detectors.

  • High-decibel alerts: If your fire alarm detects rising heat or smoke, each alarm emits an ultra-loud alert that can wake the entire house.

  • Text from the Vivint App: Your fire detectors will also text an emergency alert to your mobile device. Now you can know your home is having a fire emergency when you’re on vacation, at work, or running errands.

  • Expert response from your Vivint monitoring team: Each time your monitored fire alarm determines there’s an emergency, it will alert your Vivint monitoring experts. They will instantly phone the fire department and any additional responders while you get you and your family to a safe space.

Home security monitoring in Allentown

A complete Vivint smart home should include monitored fire alarms

When your monitored fire alarms link with your Allentown home security system, multiple components can activate in a detected fire. Your other Vivint security and automation devices will:

  • Remotely turn off the ventilation fan with your smart thermostat to discourage new fires from growing stronger.

  • Automatically unlock your smart locks for first responders.

  • Stay in constant contact with your Vivint monitoring agents using the Vivint App.

  • Hang and easily move around your smoke detector with wireless, battery-powered construction.

Build your Vivint security system with monitored fire alarms today!

Contact your Vivint security expert to upgrade your Allentown fire alarms. They’ll explain all your automation and security choices and help you pick the most useful alarms and cameras for your family. Just call (601) 514-6514 or fill out the form below.